As our studio assistant, Charlotte keeps TVS humming; answering enquires and helping the teaching staff.

She loves singing and has been a student at TVS for many years, focusing on her passion for musical theatre and classical voice. She has participated in concerts and exams with the studio and continues to develop, learn and be energised by her vocal education.

Charlotte has been involved in theatre for several years and enjoys the Newcastle theatre scene. Some of her on-stage projects include High School Musical 1 & 2and The Formal with Pantseat Performing Arts, The Miser with SFX and 9to5 with Theatre on Brunker. Behind the scenes, Charlotte was the Assistant Stage Manager for the 39ththAnnual City of Newcastle Drama Awards in 2017. She also works with TheatreNewcastle ( assisting with the business development and administration.

In 2019 Charlotte will commence her Bachelor of Music at The University of Newcastle and aspires to be a singing teacher in the future.

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